How do I use this application?

First, log in by clicking 'Log in' in the top right corner. You can add an exam with 'Add exam'. For questionnaires, use 'Add questionnaire'. You can keep track of the processing status with the tab 'Check status'. Depending on your user role, not all tabs will be available.

Hand in exam forms

You can hand in forms on the 3rd floor, room 5416.0350a between 9:00 and 17:00. Please call us ahead of time if you like to drop off forms outside of office hours. Our phone number is (050-36) 36605.

Order exam forms

To order new exam forms, use the tab 'Order forms'.


ESI, Exam and Questionnaire Processing
Landleven 1 (Mercator building), 3rd floor

Phone numbers: (050-36) 36605/33640.

Exam processing FAQ
Questionnaire processing FAQ